Group Insurance Solutions

Group Insurance Solutions


Commercial Insurance

A large portion of our client base is represented by associations and buying groups comprised of a large number of smaller and mid-size independent businesses. While most of our clients are associations and groups, we also provide many types of coverage for individual businesses.

Fundamentally, our work with these associations and buying groups is to offer the smaller business owner the value of risk management and the purchasing power otherwise available only to large corporations.

Group Insurance Solutions offers quality programs, a refined distribution system and supporting computer systems tailored to the individual group or association needs. We have dedicated ourselves to building these components and associated relationships to establish ourselves as one of the leading marketers and administrator providers of commercial and employee benefit insurance programs in the country.

Our insurance programs are designed for members to assist them in securing financial protection for themselves, their employees and their business.

The Benefits

Group Purchasing Power
Being part of a national or regional insurance program allows for a better spread of risk and increased bargaining power. The overall benefit for our clients: more value for their insurance dollar.

Superior Insurance Coverage
Our insurance programs offer exclusive coverage not often found in individual policies such as earthquake, sewer back-up, flood, off-premises power interruption and survivor benefit extension.

Rate Stability
Our clients rely on the long-term stability of our programs to consistently maintain their coverage at competitive group rates.

Claims Service
Our expertise allows us to maintain a uniform, fair, and responsive claims service. Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions has a non-emergency and a 24-hour emergency service for Commercial Insurance claims.

Continual Access to Risk Management and Loss Prevention Services
By helping our clients understand the risks they face, we help them make better informed decisions in securing their financial protection.

Loss Prevention Program
Our dedicated loss prevention team is constantly educating itself on the diversity of the business culture and the continuous changes of day to day risks. We find innovative ways to help our clients reduce claims through bulletins and programs which teach effective solutions and practices that prevent losses.

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