Group Insurance Solutions

Group Insurance Solutions


Employee Benefits

Group Insurance Solutions works in partnership with many independent Canadian businesses, associations and buying groups to find better ways to manage insurance programs with greater financial and administrative efficiencies. The result is that we are able to provide service more efficiently than the traditional broker-insurance company model.


TotalGUARD is our proprietary Employee Benefits Program which provides comprehensive life, health and dental plans to over 1,300 independent Canadian businesses. Through TotalGUARD, we provide the product and all related services such as invoicing/billing, production of booklets, day-to-day administration, analytical support, new business sales and ongoing service support. With all these services under one roof, TotalGUARD is unique and economically superior to the traditional method of purchasing employee benefits coverage.

We are confident that TotalGUARD’s many economic and administrative efficiencies will result in independent Canadian businesses not only realizing immediate premium savings but also and more importantly long term rate stability. TotalGUARD will help your effort to attract and retain employees creating a more efficient and productive work force.

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