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Risk Management

Why You Need a Risk Manager

A Risk Manager can identify areas in your business that have the potential for accidents or which can be hazardous to employees or clients. Fire Safety and Theft have always been two key concerns for our clients and are; therefore, a priority in our risk management. We strive to keep our clients educated about current problems in the Canadian business culture which demonstrate the need for Loss Prevention programs.

A good example relates to liability claims. Slip and Fall claims are increasing across the country as the public continues to look for "someone" to blame for any injury they may suffer. In fact, in many provinces, we see widespread advertising by injury lawyers looking for clients and hinting at substantial settlements.

These types of claims affect business owners in many ways including loss of sales and productivity as well as damage to their reputation.

For more information on how a Risk Manager can help you and your business, call Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions at 1-800-665-8990, or fill out our Contact Us Form.

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