Your Employee Benefits

The AMM Employee Benefits Program provides comprehensive life, health and dental plans to over 100 municipalities across Manitoba.

Our expert in-house insurance team provides the product and all related services, such as day-to-day administration, analytical support and ongoing service support. The AMM Employee Benefits Program program saves time and money while providing your employees with the coverage they need.


Administration Forms

Program Advantages

Cost Savings

Members receive an immediate savings off existing premiums for equivalent coverage

Long-term rate stability

Stability is generated by spreading claims over the entire pool of program participants

pay-direct drug/dental card

The AMM Employee Benefits Program provides each employee with a pay-direct drug card that covers prescription drugs and professional services electronically at the point of sale

Program flexibility

Member organizations have many different coverage options to choose from


24/7 access to your AMM Employee Benefits Program

Dedicated Service

Each member has a dedicated Employee Benefits Advisor to assist them

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for Employee Benefits?

All full-time and part-time employees working a minimum of 24 hours per week are eligible for benefits. Seasonal employees are eligible as long as they have a recall date indicated on their layoff notice. Councillors are also eligible for benefits, effective their election date.


2. How do I enroll a new employee?

Send a completed Application for Group Benefits form to your Insurance Advisor at Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions within 31 days of the employee’s eligibility date. The eligibility date is the first of the month following 3 months of employment.


3. What do I do if I missed the deadline for enrolling a new employee?

Have the employee complete an Application for Group Benefits form and a Declaration of Health form and send them to Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions. If coverage is approved, the effective date will be the first of the month following the date of approval. The employee will be considered a late applicant and will be subject to a dental restriction of $250 for themselves and each family member for the first 12 months of coverage under the plan. If eligibility cannot be determined, an additional questionnaire will be sent directly to the employee.


4. An employee has terminated coverage. How soon do I need to notify Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions?

It is important to notify our office as soon as possible of any changes, including terminations. Notifying your Insurance Advisor 30 days in advance will ensure that premiums will be properly reflected on your upcoming invoice. If we are not notified of employee terminations before the employee’s termination date, claims could be paid on a terminated employee, which could result in additional premiums being owed.


5. Where do I send my forms?

All administration forms (new additions, terminations, etc.) must be sent directly to Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions. All claim forms are to be sent to Manitoba Blue Cross.


6. Can we change the level of coverage we have?

Coverage changes must be made at a policy level and should be done at the renewal date of January 1st. A renewal package will be sent out at the beginning of December each year letting you know the coverage options your group has, and you will have until February 1st to make any changes to your group’s coverage.


7. I found an old dental bill from last year; can I submit it as a claim?

Expenses can be submitted no later than 24 months from their service date. Claims should be sent to Manitoba Blue Cross and should include the original receipts; it is recommended that you keep a copy of all your receipts for your own records. If your coverage terminates with the AMM program, you will have 45 days from your last day of work to submit any eligible medical expenses incurred prior to your termination date.


8. Both my spouse and I have coverage through work – where should I send my claim form?

If you and your spouse both have Family Health and Dental Coverage, claims can be submitted to both plans for maximum coverage. Each plan member should send expenses to their own plan first and then to their spouse’s plan for any outstanding expenses. If there are children, start with the plan of the parent with the birth month that is earlier in the calendar year.  For example, if Paul’s birthday is August 20, 1968 and Susan’s birthday is May 24, 1969, claims for the dependent children should go to Susan’s plan first.

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