Coverage for Gas Stations & Gas Bars

From large scale operations to small rural gas stations, our tailored insurance coverage options for gas stations and gas bars provide owners with a commercial insurance policy that they can count on. In addition to providing liability and property coverage, our program offers other tailored coverage options to ensure that your operation is properly protected:

Comprehensive Crime 

Comprehensive Crime coverage helps protect your gas station from losses due to employee dishonesty, credit card forgery and cash related theft.

Equipment Breakdown

Gas stations often have a variety of equipment, from refrigerators to gas pumps. Equipment breakdown insurance can take care of the expenses involved with fixing or replacing these pieces of equipment should they suffer a sudden and accidental breakdown

pollution Liability Coverage

Provides coverage for liabilities associated with environmental damage, pollution and or expenses resulting from the operation of gas stations

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Value-Added Services

We are a full-service business insurance provider. Our focus is not on simply providing coverage but offering a superior way to manage your risk and reduce claims. This holistic approach to insurance ensures that your business receives extremely efficient and cost-effective services.


Our policies include comprehensive analysis from our experienced risk management professionals who are experts in the risks faced in your industry. Our team of risk management professionals will work with you to identify your risks and offer comprehensive strategies to reduce your potential for loss.

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Our Emergency After-Hours Claims Line provides access to immediate and personal response to emergency after-hours situations. From signing the policy to making a claim, our in-house insurance team will walk you through your policy and claims process to ensure that you receive the support you need.

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