General Contractor Coverage

Our TotalProtect commercial insurance plans are tailored to your specific needs. We offer a wide variety of coverage options including:

Tools and Equipment 

Whether it’s a hammer or an air compressor, your tools are essential to getting the job done. Let our TotalProtect plans protect these essential tools from theft and damage.

Installation Floater

Coverage for your work and materials on the job site. Our TotalProtect plans give your work the protection it needs.

Rip and Tear 

Deficiency? Have to fix it before continuing the job? Make sure you are covered with our TotalProtect commercial insurance plan.

Failure to Meet Written Specifications

No one is perfect and errors happen. Our TotalProtect plans include coverage for errors that result in failure of the Insured’s work to meet written specifications.

TotalProtect Advantages

Our TotalProtect commercial insurance program for General Contractors provides:

Flexible Coverage

We will work with you to determine the right level of coverage to meet your particular needs.

Dedicated Service

Each member will have a dedicated Commercial Insurance Advisor to assist them.

Cost-Effective Policies

Flexible coverage options ensure that you get the protection you need, at the best value.

Value Added Services

We believe that insurance should be more than just a policy.


Our policies include comprehensive analysis from our experienced risk management professionals who are experts in the risks faced in your industry. Our team of risk management professionals work with you to identify your risks and offer comprehensive strategies to reduce your potential for loss.

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Our Emergency After-Hours Claims Line provides access to immediate and personal response to emergency after-hours situations. From signing the policy to making a claim, our in-house insurance team will walk you through your policy and claims process to ensure that you receive the support you need.

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An Insurance Advisor will work with you to identify your coverage needs and create a tailored insurance plan for your business.

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