Canadian gas stations, gas bars, and fuel dealers face serious risks every day. A tank leak or a cyber-attack could cause significant losses if you don’t have the proper insurance coverage to protect your assets. Some of the risks that Canadian gas stations face on a daily basis include:


Employee Theft & Crime

Gas station employees may handle large amounts of cash and products during their shift creating an increased opportunity for employee theft.


Burglary & Break-Ins

Often seen as easy targets for criminals, gas stations are at an increased risk for robberies or break-ins. Cash, stock, and your employee’s valuables can all be targeted by criminals during a break-in or robbery.


Cyber Liability

Gas stations often process a large number of electronic transactions during a day. This sensitive information can be targeted by cybercriminals resulting in significant damage to your business, both financial and reputational.


Property Damage

With many vehicles moving in or around your location there is a greater risk of property damage. Gas pumps, tanks, and various other equipment can end up damaged by reckless drivers.


Slip and Falls

One of the most common risks for any gas station is client slip and falls. Uneven pavement, wet floors, ice build-up or even poor lighting can increase the risk of a slip and fall at your location.


Leaks & Spills

A spill or leak can be very costly to clean up but it can also cause injury to a client or employee. The environmental damage can be long-lasting and result in significant on-going costs to remedy the damage.


From large scale operations to small rural gas stations, our tailored insurance coverage options for gas stations, gas bars, and fuel dealers provide owners with a commercial insurance policy that they can count on. In addition to providing liability and property coverage, our program offers other tailored coverage options to ensure that your operation is properly protected. For more information on our Commercial Insurance Program for gas stations, gas bars, and fuel dealers please call us at 1-800-665-8990 or fill out our Get a Proposal Form.

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