Introducing: Danielle Mymko

Meet Danielle! As a ten year veteran of Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions, Danielle has helped set up many clients on our Employee Benefits Program. A self-proclaimed cat lady, Danielle enjoys cheering on her nieces at their sporting events or whipping up some baking. She shares her career story in our most recent Employee Q&A session.


1. What the Day-to-day in an Insurance Advisor Role like?

As an Insurance Advisor, I set up new groups that are coming onto our employee benefits programs and provide service for existing clients. A large portion of my role is to advise clients on their insurance needs based on their business structure.


2. What has been the Biggest surprise in your role

I was honestly quite surprised about how much interest I took in insurance. I walked into the job without any knowledge, of the insurance industry, and now I can sell individual life insurance policies and manage a large portfolio of Group Insurance Clients.


3. How did you start working here?

I was approached by my friend’s mom about a receptionist position within the company. I ended up working as a receptionist for two and a half years, then worked my way into a group insurance advisor role.


4. What do you consider your Biggest Accomplishment?

This year my customer retention is above 90% after Q3, which is huge! I have had an amazing year and I am pretty proud of that. Hopefully, next year, my retention will be even better.


5. What makes Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions a great place to work?

The culture. We are a very young and vibrant company with plans to grow and continue moving forward. It provides you with a lot of opportunities to move up in your career. Some of the managers here started in entry level positions and now they are running departments. I owe a lot to my co-workers and management team because they have helped me develop to where I am now. It’s not often that you find someone my age that has stayed with the same company for ten years and I think that is a testament to the support and empowerment that this company offers its employees.

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