Introducing: Eduardo Campos.

A graduate of the University of Winnipeg’s Business Administration Program, Eduardo joined our sales department just over two years ago. An avid traveler and engaged community member, Eduardo sat down to share his experience in a sales role at Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions.


What does your day-to-day look like?

A lot of communication! Whether it be with clients that you are helping or within your department, there is a lot of communication involved in order to get the job done. However, there is also a ton of freedom in the sales role, in a way that I would almost describe as an entrepreneurial. Obviously there are check-ins with your team and they are always there to help you, but for the most part you are free explore the avenues and opportunities that you see fit.


What is something that people would be surprised to know about your sales role?

Probably the freedom. It’s pretty crazy the amount of authority that you are given to drive your own agenda throughout the day. But it’s not just the freedom during the work day, it also extends to the freedom outside of work. I’ve been fortunate enough to take 4 trips this summer, including an extended trip to Europe, which I don’t think I would be able to get at another company.


How did you start working here?

I was a graduating from the the University of Winnipeg’s Business Administration and was pitched on the role by my current manager, Matt. From what he said it seemed like a pretty young and innovative company which turned out to be a great fit for me.


Biggest Accomplishment while working here?

I would say constant growth. I have been able to double my sales numbers every year, which might sound like I am looking too hard at the numbers, but it is also an indicator that I have been able to get better and grow in my role.


What is your elevator pitch for someone who is looking to join our office in a sales role?

I would say there were three things that make the sales role great. First, your pay is directly tied to how hard you work, giving you an unlimited earning potential. Second, there is a lot of freedom. You aren’t bogged down with the same repetitive task and it seems like there is something new every day. And the last thing is there is constant growth, which you can see in your numbers year after year.

Interested in a career in sales?