Introducing: Nicole Doucette

Meet Nicole! Moving up the ranks, from a Client Care Associate to a Commercial Insurance Advisor, Nicole has gained a lot of experience in the insurance industry during her three years at Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions. She shares her career story in our most recent Employee Q&A session.


1. What is a fun fact about you?

I recently bought my first home, so a lot of developments going on there. I love doing home renovations and different design work. We regraded the yard, it was a big mess, but short-term pain, long-term gain.


2. What does your Day-to-day look like as a Commercial Insurance Advisor?

Every day is completely different, I never know what I am walking into. Just based on whatever comes in from clients or outside insurers. It could be problems, concerns, or inquiries. My role is very diplomatic, our department specializes in working with every other department. Whether it is claims, underwriting, or sales, we are kind of the hub for dealing with any other department.


3. What has been the Biggest surprise in your role?

I always found myself to be a very organized person, but the role has definitely tested that skill due to all the dynamics that I am faced with. Whether its client requests, management reports or inquiries from other departments, it’s really important to stay on top of things.


4. How did you start working here?

I was referred from a sales rep after I graduated from the University of Manitoba. I was very hesitant, because I had applied for the sales role and was concerned that sales would be a tough fit. I had come in for two interviews and they really liked me but could tell that sales wasn’t my thing. They ended up referring me to the service team, which was a great match for my personality. I think they saw potential in me, but they weren’t going to just put me in any position. I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up and I was surprised to end up in insurance, but that’s how it happens.


5. What do you consider your Biggest Accomplishment here?

The growth that I have had here. I started as a Client Care Associate then I worked myself up to a Commercial Insurance Advisor. I hopped into the role probably a bit sooner than I had planned, but it was great because I had learned so many basics as a Client Care Associate.


6. What makes Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions a great place to work?

I love working one-on-one with clients. I get to work with many different types of clients, whether it’s different sizes of businesses to different specialties. I love that our job is needed by every business. Also, our department is the most positive department around, not to brag! We are a very collaborative and supportive team. The crew and management we work with here is very supportive and will work with you through any issues.

I also like how dynamic we are. We aren’t scared of change. You need to change as life goes on, and I don’t know where Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions will go, but I like that it isn’t stagnant.

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