With the winter weather leaving, businesses don’t have think about freezing pipes for a while but now have to be concerned about water damage from heavy rains, possible flooding or overflowing drains and sewer lines. Spring is a particular bad time for water damage to businesses as snowmelt runoff is the most common cause of flooding in Canada. Even a broken water pipe or drains or leaking bathroom fixtures can result in significant damages. Speedy detection and remedial action will greatly reduce the damage and the impact on your business.

Preparation and Monitoring Tips

Inside the building:
  • Install water sensors on the basement floor close to the main drain and in the sump pit. These sensors are very reasonably priced and should be connected to your alarm system to give early warning of water problems and the opportunity to correct problems and reduce damages.
  • Install a back flow valve on your sewer line to prevent water and sewage from flowing back into the building.
  • Raise stock and equipment off the basement floor to reduce possible water damage.
Outside the Building:
  • Direct roof drains to empty well away from the building.
  • Slope ground to so it drains away from the building.
Before an Emergency:
  • Locate emergency shut-offs for water lines and sprinkler systems and ensure that staff know where these shut-offs are located and how to turn them off to reduce damage.
  • Regularly check operation of your sump pump to ensure it works when needed.
  • Maintain a 24-hour emergency contact phone list that staff can use to call contractors in case of an emergency.

For more information on how to reduce the chance of water damage at your business, please contact one of our risk management professionals. While risk management strategies can reduce your chances for loss, in the event of a loss it is important to ensure your business has the right level of insurance coverage. Visit our TotalProtect Commercial Insurance page to learn how we can help protect your business.

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