Equipment damage claims have increased by over 150% over the last two years. While wear and tear damage is expected to occur over time, a large portion of these claims are preventable. Here are some tips to reduce equipment damage at your rental location.


1. Training

Training customers on the safe operation of equipment is essential, as controls for equipment can vary between brands and models.

  • It is crucial to train every user on the unique operation of each piece of equipment, regardless of experience level
  • Training all potential users of the equipment is key to preventing equipment damage

Without proper training:

  • The likelihood of equipment damage increases
  • The safety of those using the equipment and those working around the equipment decreases


2. Maintenance Program

Wear and tear damage to equipment is bound to happen throughout its use. It is important to implement a maintenance program at your rental location to prevent further damage.

  • Damage can be exacerbated if maintenance is not regularly performed
  • Maintenance will extend the equipment’s usable life and ensure that it is in safe working order
  • It helps identify small problems with inexpensive solutions before they become major, costly breakdowns
  • Document all maintenance in a maintenance log


3. Ensure Equipment Operates Within Design Limits

Using equipment outside of its designed purpose can cause damage to the equipment, reduce its efficiency or effectiveness and possibly endanger the operator. Each piece of equipment is designed with a specific task in mind and should only be used with certain attachments and parts.

When a client comes in to rent a piece of equipment ensure the following:

  • Review what they intend to use the piece of equipment for
  • Ensure that they are renting the right equipment for their requirements


4. Proper Transportation

Equipment damage can often take place during transport. It is crucial to guide customers on how to transport equipment to avoid possible damage.

  • Strap down large pieces of equipment to the box of a truck or in a utility trailer so that it can’t move around or fall over
  • If equipment is attached to a trailer, ensure that the client has the proper towing mechanism in place


For more information on how to reduce equipment damage at your rental location, please contact our our office to speak to a member of our Risk Management team at 1-800-665-8990.


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