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Learning Centre/ Risk Management

Commercial Kitchen Fires

Commercial Kitchen Fires

A significant part of fire claims in Canada are from commercial kitchen fires. This fast-paced environment creates multiple fire hazards,…

Learning Centre/ Employee Benefits

How to Choose the Right Employee Benefits Plan

How to Choose the Right Employee Benefits Plan

Having a comprehensive employee benefits plan is a valuable tool to attract and retain top talent as employees perceive a…

Learning Centre/ Risk Management

COVID-19: Safety Strategies For Your Workplace

COVID-19: Safety Strategies For Your Workplace

Provincial governments continue to adjust restrictions on business operations as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. For many, this may mean continued…

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits plans created with your employees in mind.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance tailored for your business needs.

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Get the insurance program you need while enjoying significant benefits

Insurance Rate Stability

Enhanced Rate Stability

Our innovative group insurance options provide clients with stronger buying power, lowering costs and enhancing rate stability.

Group Insurance

Strength In Numbers

Running a business takes a lot of risks. Our pooled insurance solutions reduce risk by spreading claims amongst many.


Our knowledgeable in-house teams are able to offer efficient, responsive and comprehensive support to your business. Saving you time and money.

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