Employment Insurance

March 30, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to take its toll on the Canadian job market, many individuals have questions on what resources are available to them if they lose their job. Below is a quick reference on what programs the Government of Canada is currently offering during this period of uncertainty.


1. I have been laid off and do not have Short Term Disability (STD) benefits through my employer, what can I do?

If no STD coverage is available, Regular Employment Insurance (EI) may be an option if you have met the following guidelines:

  • 700 work hours in the previous year
  • Have a copy of your Record of Employment (ROE) from your employer to provide Service Canada


2. I have been advised to self-quarantine and/or my employer has shut down, what can I do?

You may apply for Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits if you have met the following guidelines:

  • 600 work hours in the previous year
  • An ROE or sick note is not required


3. I have been laid off but ineligible for EI benefits.

The Government of Canada has merged the Emergency Care Benefit and the Emergency Support Benefit into the Canada Emergency Repose Benefit (CERB). If you have already applied for EI or are in the midst of applying, the CERB benefit both have been integrated into the same application form.

If you have lost your job, in quarantine, or are parents who are at home with no pay taking care of children you are eligible for the CERB benefit. Workers who have also not been receiving any income but are not officially yet laid off are more than welcome to apply.

To qualify for this benefit you must meet the following requirements; $5,000 in employment income, self-employment income, or maternity/parental leave benefits for 2019 or in the 12month period prior the day applying.

Applications will be open April 6, 2020 via the following options:

1. Access through your CRA – my account secure portal

2. My Service Canada

3. Toll free number equipped with an automated application process.

Additional information on the CERB benefit can be found at, https://www.canada.ca/en/department-finance/economic-response-plan/covid19-individuals.html


Mental Health Support

The Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba (ADAM) has opened an anxiety support line to help Manitobans cope with the stress of COVID-19. Effective Monday March 23 any person who feels they need to speak with someone to help them ease the stress, they can contact ADAM at 204-925-0040 and speak with a member of the ADAM team.