Why Group Insurance Solutions?

At Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions we recognize that the days of traditional selling and servicing insurance needs are long gone. We actively work with our clients to develop insurance solutions that fit their needs, focusing on selling solutions rather than products and services.

Our Team

Our employees challenge the status quo through innovation, teamwork, collaboration and trust. We stress accountability amongst our teams and place a strong emphasis on customer experience, improving efficiencies and obtaining business results. We pride ourselves on being focused on results that grow our business.

Our Values

We believe that investing in employee development is one of the soundest decisions we can make. Our culture is one that sees our employees bring the best of who they are to work every day. In return, we ensure our team members are rewarded and their outstanding accomplishments are recognized.

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Our Benefits

Three Weeks Vacation

Health & Dental Coverage

RRSP & Employee Share Program

Career Opportunities

Insurance Sales Representative

Commercial Underwriter

Client Care Associate

Junior Developer

Claims Examiner

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