Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you are a large manufacturer, or you rent, lease or own a commercial space — you require commercial property insurance. Commercial property insurance not only helps to protect the building occupy, but also provides coverage for your equipment, inventory, furniture, computers and other electronics. If you suffer a loss, our Commercial Property Insurance will help take care of your repair and recovery costs to ensure that your business gets back up and running.

Interested in Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial Property Coverage Extensions


If you experience a loss, your business may not be able to operate. Business Interruption coverage helps to cover your ongoing expenses and loss of income until your business is back up and running.

Repair Costs

Building vandalized? Water pipes burst? Commercial Property Insurance policy can help with the repair costs to get you back in business quickly.


Crime insurance will protect against losses caused by fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by an employee. Protection covers theft of money, securities and other property such as your merchandise and equipment.