Changing the way businesses approach employee benefits.

TotalGuard is our comprehensive employee benefits program, which provides life, health and dental plans to over 1,600 independent Canadian businesses.

Our expert in-house insurance team provides the product and all related services, such as day-to-day administration, analytical support and ongoing service support. TotalGuard saves you time and money while providing your employees with the coverage they need.

TotalGuard Employee Benefits Advantages

pay-direct drug/dental card

Pay-direct drug cards that cover prescription drugs and professional services electronically at the point of sale.

Long-term rate stability

Stability is generated by spreading claims over the entire pool of TotalGuard participants.

Cost Savings

Members will receive immediate savings off existing premiums for equivalent coverage.

Program flexibility

Member organizations have many different coverage options to choose from.

Online Administration

Plan sponsors can conveniently perform many administrative functions online.

Dedicated Service

Each member will have a dedicated customer service representative to assist them.

Fast. Convenient. Paperless.

Our online administration service provides members
24/7 access to their employee benefits plan. making it easier to:

  • Submit claims
  • Sign up for direct deposit
  • Download personalized claim forms
  • Check coverage eligibility instantly
  • Verify Health Care Spending account balances


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