Adapting to the progressing COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses are starting to move employees to a remote working environment. However, many employees do not likely have the same workstation setup at home that is available in our typical offices. Remote workstations can range from a monitor on a kitchen table to working from bed on a laptop. While some of these remote workstation set ups may be comfortable in the short term, they could cause significant musculoskeletal issues later on. It is important to implement some of the following tips into your workstation to help prevent injury regardless of where you might work.


  • If possible try to get a good chair with adjustable features, such as seat height, back rest, arm rests and lumbar support. If you don’t have a good chair, add pillows for back/leg support.
  • Put your feet up. Support your feet with a book or empty box if they don’t touch the ground while sitting. Ideally, your hips and thighs should form 90-degree angles when you are sitting in your chair.
  • Raise your monitor or laptop. Place your screen on books or old shoe boxes until the top of the monitor is just below your eye level to prevent straining your neck.
  • If you are using a laptop try to get an external keyboard and mouse. Your shoulders should be relaxed with your elbows around 90 degrees.
  • Remember to take breaks by setting a timer or alarm. A quick walk or stretch will help you refocus and prevent lower back pain.

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